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He who openly professes heresy places himself outside the Church, and it is not likely that Christ would preserve the Primacy of His Church in one so unworthy.

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It is not a crime against canon law, that deposes a heretical pope, but his public sin against divine law. This leads me to ask you in return. How do you function as a traditional priest without faculties from the local Vatican II bishop who is in union with your pope? Do you have permission from your pope?

Why are you a traditional priest in the first place? For the First Vatican Council taught:.

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Mount St. Michael N. June 20, Dear Fr. Peek, I welcome this opportunity to respond to your questions in regard to the CMRI theological position. Please consider the following references: Institutiones Theologiae Fundamentalis by A. Sincerely in Christ, Most Rev.

Footsteps of Jesus

Mark A. It is built in ashlar stone — Clipsham — which, unlike the Half Moon, seems all to have been newly quarried and dressed for the building. It is topped by a steeply pitched Collyweston slate roof with late 17th early 18th century style chimney stacks.

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The rear walls are of a pale Stamford? The six bay Castle Street elevation is disproportionately longer, the main building alone taking up more than half the length of the street and, together with a small extension and outbuildings, occupies the whole of the north side of Castle Street. This perhaps reflects the newly opened up modernity of Castle Street. The bulk of this elevation is visually reduced at the western end by a lower roof for its last two or three metres making it look like an extension.

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This is unfenestrated to the street but has a row of five irregularly set windows on its western wall. Joining this is a short length of wall fronting part of the yard and below again is an outbuilding and garage. The roofs of these, in Collyweston, are set at right angles to each other, the garage with a gable flush with the street and the outbuilding with a parallel ridge roof.

All the outbuildings and outer walls are built of ashlar in a severe plain style.

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  • The fenestration of the main building is regular and all the windows have ovolo moulded jams, mullions and lintels, and like the Half Moon are in small leaded rectangles. They are an adornment to the building and alone would deserve protection. These brackets and signs are both more ornate and survive more completely than the sign at the Half Moon.

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    The building is currently sealed so the interior is not available for inspection. However this remodelling of the street allowed for the insertion of traditional projecting canted bays, rather than the flush bays and gables of the Half Moon. Even so, Traylen produced a beautifully coherent building that attempted to address the difficulties of the site.

    It is unfair to criticise the resulting greater height and bulk as being out of scale for a 17th century Stamford domestic building, as Traylen was not merely copying historical styles, but reinterpreting them to produce a building that is both sympathetic to the historic nature of the town and reflective of the cleaner and sparser lines of s architecture.

    The building works well for the site it occupies and if anything is more coherent than the Half Moon; I feel this to be deliberate. Integrity and coherence was therefore much more important here and I feel Traylen has successfully addressed this problem The two buildings, the London Inn and the Half Moon, are both extremely successful essays of the s in building sympathetically in an historic town and establishing a distinct style that helped define the decade. The flexibility of the style is shown by the differences between the two buildings.

    St Peter Bushey Heath - Incumbents

    I feel that both buildings are of a quality to be placed at grade II on the statutory list of historic building. Their quality merits the added protection against demolition and unsympathetic alteration that listing would confer. John F H Smith. His works are listed in Bibliography of the Iroquoian langages , comp.

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    Pilling Washington, AAQ, 12 A, H: f. Allaire, Dictionnaire , 1: — Handbook of American Indians Hodge , 2: — Morgan, Bibliotheca Canadensis , National union catalog. Devine, Historic Caughnawaga Montreal, , —84, , , Pouliot, Mgr Bourget et son temps , vol.